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IT translation is one of the fastest growing branches of the translation industry. A well translated and localised product should feel as if it had been originally written for the target language audience. To achieve this effect, IT translators need to take into account not just technical challenges and limitations relating to the unique characteristics of language in question, but also cultural differences and sensitivities. Lexilon offers translation and localisation of websites and software, as well as of IT-related documents, including user manuals, installation guides, service agreements etc. Client satisfaction is my top priority, so I aim for the best results possible with each and every IT translation project I take on.
  • LegalLegal translation requires not just linguistic skills, but also knowledge and experience of the legal systems involved. Conveying the differences between those systems is often a balancing act and involves precision and creativity at the same time. I work with criminal, family, contract and employment law. Some examples of documents I translate are: witness statements, indictments, sales contracts, rental agreements, BDM certificates, wills, employment agreements, diplomas etc. I also provide interpreting in legal settings for public and private clients. In my work, I am guided by respect for the law and the client alike.
  • BusinessIn today’s globalised world, business knows no borders – well, maybe apart from language barriers... Here is where translators step in, providing communication bridges for companies selling or buying abroad. Lexilon helps small and medium-sized companies achieve their aims at home and abroad. The types of documents handled include: business correspondence, memos, policy documentation, presentations, brochures, employee handbooks, training materials and more. Business interpreting is also provided for meetings, visits, conferences and presentations. Look no further for professional, reliable and confidential Polish language services for your growing company.
  • MarketingMarketing is thinking about the business in terms of customer needs and their satisfaction. Good clients are happy clients, and Lexilon is here to help you make your customers so. Marketing translation involves a great deal of creativity and cultural savvy, so much it is often equated with transcreation, a word used to describe the cross-cultural adaptation of advertising and marketing copy. Well researched and executed marketing translation can strengthen a brand’s identity abroad, preserving its uniqueness at the same time. Types of marketing documents and content I deal with are: advertising and sales brochures, E-mail marketing messages, E-commerce websites, product labels, and many more. Contact me and see what Lexilon can do for your business.
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