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Certified translation

A translation that has been ‘certified’ is essentially a translation for official use performed by an experienced and qualified translator, who has made reliable assurances that they are fluent in both the source and the target language, as well as that the translation is complete and accurate. Even though the translation market in the UK is less regulated than in the rest of Europe, many official situations and everyday scenarios require the involvement of a ‘sworn’, or ‘certified’, translator. This is also the case with translation from Polish into English and from English into Polish and it applies to both individuals as well as companies and other organisations. Most of Poland’s official bodies will refuse to acknowledge any translation unless it has been stamped, signed and certified by a sworn translator ('tłumacz przysięgły').

Here are some examples of when a sworn translator of the Polish language might be needed:

  • You are applying for a Polish citizenship and need your birth certificate translated to be presented to the Polish authorities.
  • You want to register a UK company for VAT in Poland.
  • You are getting married to a Polish national.
  • You are a solicitor and have been asked to submit evidence that has been originally given by a Polish national in the Polish language.
  • You are being transferred to Poland by your company.

Of course, these are just common examples and there are many other situations in which you might have to enlist help from a certified translator who is a native speaker of Polish. Whatever your needs and questions, I am here to help. I am a sworn translator accredited by the Polish Ministry of Justice and have substantial experience in translating a variety of official documents from and into Polish, including birth and marriage certificates, university diplomas and transcripts, business contracts, court documents, police clearance certificates, bank statements, medical reports and many more, as well as of interpreting in official settings. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to obtain a quote or discuss your request in detail.

Convinced? Contact me to get a quote or ask any additional question you may have.


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