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Every client and every job are different, therefore each project I take on is priced individually. However, if you need rough estimates of how much you can expect to pay if you hire me, please see below:

Service Unit Price Minimum charge Comments
Translation 1000 words £60 - 120 £20 General texts are charged at a lower rate than texts from specialist fields. For example, a simple product description would cost less to translate than a contract.
Certified Translation page from £15 £15 Price established individually for each client after documents for translation have been presented.
Interpreting hour £40 - 90 £40 I also charge travel time at £20/hr and travel costs (Oyster, train etc. fares).
half a day (up to 5 hours) £200 - 300
full day (up to 10 hours) £400 - 500
Editing 1000 words £30 - 60 £20  
Proofreading 1000 words £20 - 40 £10  
Transcription minute £3 - 6 £15 The rate will largely depend on the following: quality of the recording, clarity of the voices, choice of recording environment and number of people speaking, as well as the subject matter.


Payment options:

  • I accept payments in GBP, EUR, USD and PLN.
  • You can pay by UK cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.
Convinced? Contact me to get a quote or ask any additional question you may have.


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