Kamila Zubala


  • ‘Kamila is extremely responsive and professional in all communication. She always responds in a timely fashion, which is very impressive given that she is often travelling for interpreting assignments. She recently proved to be invaluable to us in a large, urgent project, as she delivered almost 35,000 words for us. Her native language is Polish, but she has also delivered accurate translations into English with well-researched terminology. I would not hesitate to recommend her for future projects.’Allison Spangler, Resource Manager, Surrey Translation Bureau
  • ‘Kamila is a highly skilled translator and we have had the pleasure to work with her for various projects in both English to Polish and Polish to English. Her translations are always completed to a high standard and she is able to meet deadlines without sacrificing the quality of her work. Kamila has always been very helpful providing us with further information regarding her translations, for example in Polish there is a separate form ‘you’ for males and females. She kindly explained this and this way we were able to let our client know and adapt the translation accordingly.’Daniel Hewlett-Clarke, Project Manager, DHC Translations
  • ‘Kamila Zubala volunteered with Ashoka in the spring of 2016 and performed two translations of personal stories from English to Polish that we were publishing within a global marketing campaign. Kamila was very responsive and delivered the translations on deadline despite a short timeframe. As an international NGO that often has translation needs, we couldn't be more appreciative of her time, skill and generosity!’Beth Inabinett, Global Venture and Fellowship, Ashoka
  • ‘Kamila Zubala has been co-operating with Nowy Obywatel magazine since 2016. She undertakes translations of articles on socio-economic and political topics (magazine columns, informational texts) from English into Polish. Her translations are always delivered on time, prepared painstakingly and show good knowledge of the topics in question.’ Magdalena Okraska, Editorial Asistant, Nowy Obywatel Magazine
  • ‘Kamila carried out over 440 hours of face-to-face interpreting for us and achieved 100% performance rating of either Good or Excellent.’Carlo Catgaban, Senior Service Coordinator, The Language Shop
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