Kamila Zubala

Why choose LEXILON?

  • I am a fully qualified translator and interpreter, educated to MA level, and only work with other qualified language professionals.
  • I was educated in the UK at Europe’s top universities, including the University of Cambridge.
  • I have 5 years of experience in the industry, and I have undertaken over a thousand hours of interpreting and translated hundreds of thousands of words over this period.
  • I am committed to Continued Professional Development and partake in ongoing training.
  • I strive to meet the requirements of the EN-15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Services, which means I follow a 19-step quality assurance process for each project I undertake.
  • I follow codes of professional conduct to ensure high quality, reliability, impartiality and strict confidentiality.
  • I have a narrow range of specialisations to focus on what I do best, which means better results for my customers.
  • I am committed to meeting even the tightest deadlines*.
    *As long as it does not compromise quality!
  • I take each request and customer seriously and I aim to reply to all your messages within 3 hours.
Convinced? Contact me to get a quote or ask any additional question you may have.


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